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Hey there babe!

my name is lilly and I AM A LETTERer/ illustrator BASED OUT OF RALEIGH, nc AND i love what i do- holy moly.

when i was a little girl i was always changing my hand writing. i actually remember coming home from school and saying to my mom: “mom, i am going to change my hand writing next week.” I did this all the time. fonts and the beauty behind lettering have always intrigued me.

but it wasn’t until i was in high school that i realized i could actually make a living off of lettering/illustrating. girls in class would see my notes (of course they were super extra) and ask me to write a quote/do a doodle for them to hang in their room. and before i knew it i was doing chalkboards for weddings, teaching lettering classes, painting denim jackets, and so much more.

and boom!! that is when all things lilly ann came to be.

my love for what i get to do everyday is unexplainable. creating fun and positive art is what truly gives me butterflies and i hope it makes you super happy too!

with love,